Community Guidelines

“Community” by niallkennedy is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The Community Guidelines for this blog are built around acceptance and inclusion. All are welcome to share and engage with the content posted here. By following these 4 simple rules, we can ensure a safe and secure environment. Please note that any comments or other content that violates these guidelines will be subject to removal and the parties responsible may be excluded from future participation on this site.

Be Civil

Wherever people congregate, and engage in discourse on any subject, there will be differences of opinion. However, there is no reason for abusive rhetoric. The use of derogatory names and sweeping generalizations are strongly discouraged. Comments and content that degrade any race, religion, gender, age, or abilities are not acceptable. Such comments and/or content will be flagged, moderated and possibly deleted.

Be Responsible

AsĀ  part of our online community, you will be held accountable for all the content that you post here, whether it is original or shared. Please be sure to check your sources for accuracy and if possible include links to corroborating content. Bringing facts and stats will make for a more engaging discourse. Any misinformation or disinformation will be removed from the site.

Be Relevant

Comments and content should be germane to the text and/or the threads of subsequent conversations. No solicitations or commercial advertising is permitted. It is fine to share a website, blog post, video or news article that you have created so long as it is relevant!

Be Vigilant

An online community thrives when there is an ongoing commitment to one another. Community members should flag any questionable content and bring it to the moderator’s attention. Bad faith participation: the posting of openly derisive or hostile content, will not be tolerated. Protect your privacy and that of others by not posting or sharing anyone’s personal information.

Guidelines created in part with information found at Vervely